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I'm looking for a lightweight HTTP server for an embedded Linux.
The requirements are the following :
* secure HTTP : manages several client certificates (SSL3/TLS1.0),
with several public keys, at least 5 keys per certificate
* way to remotely update the certificates
* capable of managing a certification authority
* capable of managing several ports or virtual servers
* activity logging
* PHP interpretor if possible

Does anyone know of an HTTP server that could answer these

In advance, thanks.

Re: Embedded linux httpd
That does not sound like "lightweight" :)

Re: Embedded linux httpd
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Unfortunately these are my clients requirements... :-(
I also find them to be rather heavy...

Re: Embedded linux httpd
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Hi Emmanuel

Look at:

Alekto; DIN RAIL mountable:
Quote: "...The embedded computer runs full-featured Debian GNU/Linux
[should include openssl?] on ARM operating system Kernel 2.6. With
Debian's repository database it is easy to install and update the free
software on the OpenRISC. The OpenRISC is capable to act directly as
software development host, WEB, Mail, Print and Database server or as a
desktop computer with X11 windows manager and many more..."


This ARM platform might be interesting - also has GSM, wi-fi, GPRS (can
of course be turned off), USB-port and UPS (Li-ion battery!). There is
no ethernet port, so the network connection has to be made over wi-fi or
USB. Openmoko uses the Linux kernel 2.6 but the distribution is not debian:
http://www.openmoko.org /

It is also possible to buy a auxiliary debug-board.

More about Openmoko Neo Freerunner:

http://downloads.openmoko.org/schematics/GTA02 /

Quote: "...
     *  Very high resolution touch screen (1.7" x 2.27" - 43mm x 58mm)
480x640 pixels
     * 128MB SDRAM memory
     * 256 MB integrated flash memory (expandable with microSD or
microSDHC card)
     * uSD slot supporting up to 8GB SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity)
cards (Supported microSD cards; installation)
     * Internal GPS module
     * Bluetooth
     * 802.11 b/g WiFi
     * 400Mhz ARM processor
     * 2 3D accelerometers that orient the phone's screen -- for
example, switching to landscape mode automatically
     * 2 LEDs illuminating the two buttons on the rim of the case (one
bicolor [blue|orange] behind the power button, 1 unicolor [red] behind
the aux button)
     * Tri-band GSM and GPRS
     * USB Host function with 500mA power, allowing you to power USB
devices for short periods (will drain the FreeRunner battery faster)

GTA02 Hardware Component Selection:

http://downloads.openmoko.org/CAD /

CAD program (stp-format):



Re: Embedded linux httpd
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Hi Glen.

Thanks for you help.
Unfortunately the target platform will most certainly be more
lightweight than the one you are proposing. I won't be having 1Gb of
disk space available for the OS. I'd say 10-20 megabytes would be the

Do you know about lighttpd? (http://www.lighttpd.net /)
Does this HTTP server work well?


Re: Embedded linux httpd
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Hi Emmanuel

The former proposed hardware does not require 1GB of memory - or disks,
SD-cards. They run on a flashed image.


I have not heard about lighttpd, but I have read about this very small
OS (with webserver) for many platforms:
http://www.sics.se/contiki /

Sourcecode for Contiki with IPv6 support, can now be downloaded:


Then this hardware?:

 From somewhere in a pdf or from the site: "Encryption for secure
communications - 256-bit AES US Government approved Rijndael. 300 bps to
921,600 bps."

Digi Connect ME:
NetSilicon NS7520 32-bit ARM Microprocessor.
10/100Base-T Ethernet with power pass-thru for network powered devices.
(IEEE 802.3af)
# Two high speed 230Kbps TTL Level Async Serial Ports.
# 9Mbps SPI Interface.
Royalty-free NET+Works development platform.
Strong SSL/TLS encryption.



Re: Embedded linux httpd
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The hardware and target OS are provided by the client and I don't have
any control over what is chosen.
This is why I need a lightweight HTTP server for Linux.


Re: Embedded linux httpd
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It's a really good idea to request features and decide about the
resources independently of that :) :) :)


Re: Embedded linux httpd
Thanks everyone.

It appears that nignx and lighttpd seem to very appropriate for my
I think I'm going to fall for nignx.


Re: Embedded linux httpd
Am Fri, 28 Nov 2008 05:15:21 -0800 schrieb snipped-for-privacy@webdyn.com:

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Hi Emmanuel,

I do run lighttpd on my NSLU2 since 2 years.  It serves some static pages
for myself and a dokuwiki for a local group (php via fastCGI).  Rocksolid

First install was on an unmodified NSLU2, 32 MB RAM, runnig OpenSlug
3.10.  And now it's lighttpd 1.4.18 on a NSLU2 with 128 MB RAM and
angstrom 2007.12.  32 MB is a little tight but did work well enough.

I have no experience with SSL and lighttpd.


You're throwing it all out the Windows!

Vitus Jensen, Hannover, Germany, Earth, Milky Way, Universe (current)

Re: Embedded linux httpd
Thanks everyone !
All these links are very interesting and give me food for thought! :-)

I've got some reading to do... ;)

Re: Embedded linux httpd
On Nov 28, 5:05A0%am, " snipped-for-privacy@webdyn.com"
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You might want to check out Cherokee -- I have no idea if it works for
all the above, but its lighter than apache, and I've used it in
embedded ARM-Linux systems before.



Re: Embedded linux httpd
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OK. I'll give it a try. Thanks.

Re: Embedded linux httpd
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Hi Emmanuel

It seems to be this one:

http://www.cherokee-project.com /



Re: Embedded linux httpd
Hi Emmanuel

I have found some more:

Comparison of lightweight web servers:


Web Servers:


Tiny web servers:

https support hint:

Web Servers Survey (Total Domains) - by Netcraft.com:

October 31, 2006 Lightweight fnord serves HTTP admirably:

SHTTPD (Simple HTTP Daemon):

The Fastest free Web Server out there!:
http://www.cherokee-project.com /
fnord - yet another small httpd:
http://www.fefe.de/fnord /
Comparing fnord to other web servers:
thttpd - tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server
http://www.acme.com/software/thttpd /



Re: Embedded linux httpd
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Been using lighttpd in our embedded linux system for 3 years. It works
well, very robust and we do use for ssl connections. It seems pretty thrifty
and does not spawn multiple threads.

We also use the embedded lighttpd server as a proxy to connect (transparently
to the end user) to a second web server (also lighttpd) on a different system.

We have been unable to use lighttpd to connect via the proxy using ssl. We are
still using 1.4.13 and this may have been fixed in a later release
(currently 1.4.20).

There is a new lighttpd 1.6.0 release coming soon, a complete rewrite.  

We are currently evaluating nginx (nginx.net) which includes a mail proxy

--regards mikeb

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