Virtual Machine that can run embedded Linux

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I'm looking for an application and hopefully a device that I could use
to run 2 instances of an embedded linux OS on a cellular phone. The
phone would ideally boot into the virtual machine monitor (VMM) and
then load the 2 seperate operation systems both as virtual machines.
The architecture is unimportant as long as there is currently a mobile
phone supporting it and a VMM supporting it.

If anyone has any information, references, or resources that they could
point me to, I would really appreciate it. Or if anyone knows of any
emulators for developing (linux or windows x86) I would also appreciate

-Chris D.

Re: Virtual Machine that can run embedded Linux
I did not have much knowledge on that but if you just do Linux there is
XEN and "user mode Linux" and supposedly some more choices.

If you need the "other" OS for realtime or security purpose there is
RTAI (free open source) and PikeOS (commercial by SysGO) and some others.


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