Mass storage device on ML403 board

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I need to implement a mass storage device on this board. My first approach was using the xilfatfs library for saving the data on a CF memory, but I'm facing a lot of problems with that. The system turns pretty unstable, and after some weeks trying to fixed it, we can't figured out where is the problem. The only guess is that there is a bad memory management from the xilfatfs library functions.

Currently I'm running the test in stand alone configuration. Some sugestions said that maybe we can try using Linux instead. However, I was making some research and I couldn't find drivers for using the CF card or the USB port with a mass storage device. Have anybody tried to do this before? Do you know if there are drivers that supports these characteristics?

I have to said that I'm not totally familiar with Linux OS descriptions and it will be my first attempt to run it in the FPGA. I'm trying to follow some example receipts which didn't include support for these characteristics, so maybe I'm missing something and I'm not looking for the right terms.

I know that it would be a lot of work to run Linux and configurate the system again, so I would like to know if there is support for these devices before start the adventure.

Thanks a lot.

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G. Carvajal
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Another alternative would be eCos. There is a port available for ML403. I haven't tried it myself, so I am not sure if it has the specific drivers you need, but overall I think it is more suitable for an embedded application. Xilinx kernel has a lot of bugs, especially when it comes to multithreading, so it's no surprising that the system using it is unstable.


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You don't need drivers. IDE-CF support is build-in the kernel. Same for USB mass storage.

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