Ubuntu phone has gone on general sale

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Ubuntu phone has gone on general sale


Hmmmm... its all happening now.

I bought one of these phones to see what is all about.
Strictly I'm not a phone enthusiast, as I only
like phablets, but it was impressive.

The biggest stumbler first time was how to close apps
that were open. You had to select the app and swipe upwards,
which is easy enough if you knew that!

I strictly didn't like the way Ubuntu OS was trying to be a phone
instead of being Linux desktop on the phone (or a phablet).

There is nothing interesting about a phone or app based computing
model. The more general purpose the device is, the more
interesting it will be to use it. The more phone like it behaves
the less useful it becomes. Thats why some 40% of Far East users
are phablet users - not phone dingleberries.
The only reason why the phone model exists is because of the limited
computing power in these devices when the first smart phones were being
manufactured. A model which no longer is true.

You can now buy a GSM module and arduino to make a complete phone
with touch graphic interface for about $40. That is what I call
a restricted system. But for $70 you can buy a dual core 1.5GHz
ARM CPU board, LCD adn GSM module to make a substantial phablet
without need for it to look like a phone.

So the mind boggles why anyone would continue to take a strong
desktop computer and cut down its UI function into
a limited phone like equivalent that resembles the functionality
of something made with an arduino.

It smells like smartphone revolution 2 hasn't happened yet
and waiting for some Linux company to try harder.

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