u-boot tftp problem

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I am having a problem getting u-boot tftp to work.  I have a Freescale
M5373EVB board.  I've used the Freescale-supplied dBUG bootloader to
boot the board and TFTP uClinux into it.  Works well and uClinux boots
runs fine.

I then decided to load u-boot instead as a boot loader.  That went
well, except that I can't seem to get TFTP to work.  I get "TX
timeout"s all the time.  I've verified that the TFTP server is working
fine by intiating a TFTP transfer from another computer on the
network.  The server responded quickly and the vmlinux.bin transferred
over in a flash.

I thought that it might be that the FEC is being initialized in full
duplex vs. half duplex mode.  I recompiled u-boot to force half
duplex.  No change with tftp.

All computers are connected to a switch with a router as a DHCP
server.  I've tried both fixed IP (both server and M5373EVB) and
DHCP.  The latter required recompiling u-boot to add dhcp support.  It
all went well, but no TFTP.

I am also running tcpdump on the server and monitoring for activity
from the IP address assigned to the eval board.  Nothing, it is
absolutely quiet.

I've bypassed the switch and connected the eval board to the server
direct with a cross-over ethernet cable too.  No difference.



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