Remote boot / dynamic linking probs

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Hi All

I'm trying to boot a linux machine via a network connection. I am at a point
where I can boot the kernel, but not much more.

My Setup:
Client (the one that needs to boot): Low end pc system with no form for
disk. Network adapter with PXE support.

Server: Redhat 8, DHCP, TFTP, NFS. I've exportet  a directory over NFS, that
the client will use as it's root fileystem. Into that I've copied some
initial programs and the libraries that they use (found with ldd).

When I boot the client, I see the kernel beeing startet, but when it comes
to calling the init program it hangs.

To ifnd possible errors I've created a HelloWorld init replacement. It has 2
library dependencies ( and I've made a communications
trace with Ethereal, and I can see that it retrieves the over NFS
protocol, but then nothing happens. If I delete the an error is

I then tried to link HelloWorld statically, and that executes, prints
HelloWorld and exits with kernel panic (just as expected).

On the server I've tried to do a chroot to the NFS exported directory, and
the dynamic linked helloworld executes fine there.

I'm really at a loss here.. I've tried to google for a solution, but to no
avail... heeeeelp.....


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