problem with microwindows

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I'm making a little linux using busybox, and kernel
The Host for building the system is Fedora core 5 runing on AMD DURON
The "mini-linux" while run on x86 epia mother board (x86) then no matter
for me using cross-compilating tools.
All kernel, an busybox building are right, and system boot perfectly.
The problem is that when i want to build microwindows (to add X
capabilities to my "mini-linux") i run make (with fb support) then y
have an error 2 like:

Compiling mwin/winevent.c ...
/root/embedded/xwindow/microwin/src/mwin/winevent.c:25: erreur: static
declaration of "abs" follows non-static declaration
make[1]: *** [/root/embedded/xwindow/microwin/src/obj/mwin/winevent.o]
Erreur 1
make: *** [subdir-/root/embedded/xwindow/microwin/src/mwin] Erreur 2

I tried to build another version (0.91, 0.90, cvs version) but i get
this error whith each.

Can you help me please??

Re: problem with microwindows
Hello ,

   Try using GCC 3.4. Fedora 5 comes with GCC 4.x.

Best Regards,
Vivekanandan M

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