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I have linux SBC and XP machine running different application for
talking to each other.
The system is capable of creating socket on PSTN, ISDN, GSM, ADSL and

On Linux hardware I have mgetty running looking for action with ISDN
TA, XP application connects and create socket and then system
communicate with each other.

In normal condition , when there is no connection, On certain hardware
trigger i would like my Linux box to dial back to XP incoming
connection and create socket.

1)As i am also waiting to receive dial-in from mgetty , currently i
cant dial with pppd , is there any way i can run daemon which enable
me for both dial-in and dial-out?
2)I tried pppd with mgetty disabled. Chap 81 authentication is giving
me lot of trouble (GREAT MS :( ).
    But first i would like to know that ; if it possible to run mgetty
for dial-in and on trigger call pppd to dial out to windows box or not



Hi Rushi,
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One of the *getty daemons can do this.  I can't remember if it is mgetty or not.

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That's what mgetty was written for.

The OP's problem may or may not be related to a locking problem;
please check whether your pppd creates a lockfile in the same
place and format that your mgetty version expects (presumably in
/var/lock). If it does (and assuming that you didn't change any
system components with an update or similar), you'd better check
the modem that mgetty is watching over. If mgetty fails to release
the line, although all other settings are correct (especially
the lockfile, which is essential for the setup to be working!),
then you most likely have a hardware problem with the modem or ISDN
device that mgetty is listening to. Raise the debuglevel of mgetty
by adding "-x 9" to the mgetty call (presumably started out of
/etc/inittab) to get a more detailed insight on what is happening.


Thanks Michael,

I am working on your suggestionS,
Do you know any thing about this Chap 81 / Chap MS V2 (I love to say I
hate Microsoft for these reasons)?  I can connect to XP box with
wvdial  and stupid mode =1 option but when I try to connect with pppd
and CHAT script it just reject the authentication … CONFREJ and than
hang up the line.

I have already applied PPTP patch for PPPD but it still don't behave
well, even the –detach option don't work (Not a good week indeed), so
I fork PPPD from application check the PID and create the socket… ahh
I know silly hack…..just because MS changed the authentication type to
81 even can't find the option on XP for selection different
authentication type.

Thanks in advance


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