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Hi all!
How can I test if chat and pppd can see the modem?
Minicom can initalizing the modem and the modem can compose the
telephone number I give it, but with pppd and chat I cant do this. I
have followed various standard procedures I find online, but them
don't work on my PC. It seems that chat can't see the modem because
goes in timeout.
Can anyone suggest me some preliminary test to configure modem, chat
and pppd, so that than I can finally connect to my ISP with pppd and
Thank you very much.

Valentina Damato

Re: Modem, chat & pppd...
Hi Valentina,
Hope this could help you.

Marco Cavallini
Koan s.a.s. - Software Engineering  (x86 and ARM)
Linux and WinCE solutions for Embedded and Real-Time Software
Via Pascoli, 3  - 24121 Bergamo - ITALIA
Tel./Fax (++39) +35 - 255.235 -

Re: Modem, chat & pppd... (Valentina) wrote in message
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I update my request.
Now I can see the modem and I can compose the number, but how Can I
connect with the ISP with chap/pap? I have configured the files
pap-secrets and chap-secrets but the error is "peer refused to
authenticate". What can I do?
Valentina Damato

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