What does it use instead of `pppd` for G3dongle?

Someone kindly pointed me to the archive to fetch `eject`.
Thank you! So, now the 3Gdongle switches from CD to modem mode.
On my slak:PC, modifying the old chat-script which calls `pppd`
works fine. On rPi attempts at installing *ppp* starts the dependency
The 1st depenency: libpcap0.8 could be hidden deep inside the archive.
Slak doesn't even need it, although it's got docos.
So I'm thinking that rPi has a different method, than pppd.
Of the millions of rPis sold, is there nobody who simply connected via
a 3Gdongle?
== TIA.
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The archive is well organized, everything is easy to find:
formatting link

Just follow the alphabet, You'll want to click "libp"
as a reminder: $ apt-cache depends ppp shows the dependencies.
$ apt-cache policy libpcap0.8 shows if this package is already installed
I did try some bash stuff to filter find all needed packages, but this is all i got
for package in $(apt-cache show ppp | grep Depends | grep -o -e ' [-[:alnum:]+.]*[ ,]' -e ' | ' | tr -d ','); do apt-cache policy "$package" | grep -q 'Installed: (none)' && echo "$package"; done
known bugs: *
can't handle alternative dependencies, just shows them all (these are or'ed with a "|" in apt-cache show ...)
* No recursions
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Stefan Enzinger
We don't need to. We use Ethernet. Why are you not connecting it to your broadband modem/router?
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Gordon Henderson
For some reason he seems to want to connect them directly together. That means he doesn't have the benefit of the DHCP server in the router.
This means he is going to have to learn a bit about TCP/IP networks so he can either set up both ends manually, of create a DHCP server on one end.
So he doesn't want to do it the easy way, and he doesn't want to learn to do it the hard way.
Alan Adams, from Northamptonshire 
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Alan Adams
Conversely though he also appears to want to install a cellular modem which will connect his pi to the inter-continental-hornby-trainset. At that point he'll be able to apt-get as many packages as his data cap/payg credit will allow :)
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There is a package called apt-rdepends that does recursive dependencies. It's available in raspbian repo.
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Marko Marenic
Presumably because he doesn?t have one?
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Richard Kettlewell
OK, after , installed & `man pppd` looks ok.
But now: "pppd remote system must authenticate..couldn't find secret password". Where does Debian keep this ? AFAICS that mesg is not from the 3G-network; it's from Debian.
Here are my switch & connect scripts, for others who SHOULD connect via 3Gdongle, if they don't have access to a full national-railway-system:- .. I've posted them on a.o.l.debian: Subject:...pppd...
Also remind me that/how debian wants /etc/ and other to be able to use pppd?
== TIA.
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