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on my embedded system (PC/104 i486 busybox uclibc) I'm able to use pppd for
dialin or dialout using different scripts.

I would like to setup pppd (without using mgetty) so that it can accept a
call and dialout when needed.

Is that possible in anyway ?


Re: pppd dialin & dialout
On Fri, 3 Mar 2006, in the Usenet newsgroup comp.os.linux.embedded, in article

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As far as pppd is concerned, this is no problem. Where the problem lies
is the serial link. You need to have something monitor the link for
incoming calls and when one occurs start pppd, while at the same time
be able to originate calls outbound and then hand off the working link
to pppd in either case.

That's a serial programming problem, not pppd.

        Old guy

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