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I'm going to get one of the ARM SBCs from www.cogcomp.com and am
thinking about getting some kind of JTAG hardware to go with it (both
for downloading software to the onboard Flash and for
testing/debugging), but I don't know much of anything about JTAG. My
development platform is Linux (both on the ARM SBC and on my desktop
machine) so I need something I can use with GNU tools. I'd also like
something relatively cheap (this is a hobby).

I've seen some stuff on the web, most of which sells for between
$800-$1000 (some of which doesn't list a price, which must mean "if
you have to ask, you can't afford it"), but there are a few things
that are much cheaper (the JTAG Wiggler in the DigiKey catalog, for
example, or some of the "Solderless Buffered JTAG" stuff on Ebay).
What difference does the price get you, and what would be appropriate
for my use?

- Jeff Dutky

Re: JTAG/Linux/ARM SBC advice

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Your are searching low cost solution for ARM Jtag Link, go to

Raven and Wiggler in the same hardware for only euro 149.-

Fully Macraigor (OCDemon) compatible


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