sbc like waysmall from gumstix

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Does anyone know of something just like the waysmall from , but has ethernet or wifi?  So in a sense, it would
have a tiny form factor, mmc slot, XScale or ARM-based processor, enclosure,
and some form of networking built-in.



Re: sbc like waysmall from gumstix
See LN2410SBC at

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Re: sbc like waysmall from gumstix
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We have five different PXA255 miniature SBC's, some include onboard
Ethernet (10 or 100 Mbps). The size prohibits onboard MMC or CF slot -
but the signals for these are provided on the DIMM or SAMTEC
connectors. /

These modules do require a carrier card that the TRITON PXA255 module
would plug into. This would have the Ethernet magnetics, connector, CF
socket etc.

We have a carrier in our Development Kits, but the price of these is
not suitable for hobby projects. We are looking at the possibility of
creating a low-cost carrier for customers who don't want to design
their own.


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