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Is it possible to have multiple pc104/pc104+ processors in a stack? I realise
that pc104 is based on ISA bus and therefore this probably prevents multiple
processors on the same bus, but what about pc104+?

Any comments would be appretiated


Re: PC104 & PC104plus

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As I recall, PC-104+ just added the PCI bus on separate connectors - the ISA
bus is still there.  Personally, I wouldn't try having two bus masters on
either passive bus, ISA or PCI.

What are you trying to do?  Trying to save space by having multiple CPU
cards in one stack, or trying to have the cards share some other card or


Re: PC104 & PC104plus
Hi Kelly,
I would like to have one processor running some fairly intensive ethernet comms
and then present it's data to the 2nd processor over the bus. Or alternatively,
signal to the 2nd processor that the data is available and then allow the 2nd
processor to read it.

Re: PC104 & PC104plus

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With only 1 bus, you would not have 2 processors running in parallel. You need
a two-processor board running an OS that can multi-task, multi-thread. However,

I HAVE seen a system used by NOAA and the Navy for undersea buoys that has TWO
PC104 Processors,
one fast and one low power.  The fast one is powered off during data collection
is only used to process and transmit data. The low power one operates constantly
maintains a data collection of water temperature and GPS location. Obviously
is an ingenious power-switch in the PC104 "stack" that permits this to work. - RM

Re: PC104 & PC104plus
snipped-for-privacy@aol.com (DaveMarkMason) wrote in

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You can mix and match plus and non-plus boards, and the plus connector is
just a PCI bus, which is multi-master. Just don't use the ISA connector.
I'd guess that most plus masters also include the ISA connector, so put a
dummy board in between with just the PCI connector populated.

Kenneth Porter
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