OEM Linux + Java advice

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I've been charged with researching possibility of out-sourcing OEM SBC
device solutions for a medium scale deployment (~100 end users).

the device must be
network capable(in some cases wireless), run linux, built-in JVM

I was wondering if anyone else had done similar research, and knew of
any manufacturers that might be interested.

Re: OEM Linux + Java advice
Try Setrix (www.setrix.de)

I've worked with them for Bosche Siemens project.
We use the S3721 device for an OSGi based home appliance
gateway with IBM's J9 JVM and ProSyst's mBedded Server framework.

I'm very happy with this device...


Re: OEM Linux + Java advice
See http://www.possio.com/wsg

These devices uses XScale PXA255, runs Linux and IBM J9 JVM with
CDC+Foundation profile and the IBM OSGi platform (SMF). Works great.


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