porting java to linux on embedded platform

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Hi all,
We have got a project where we need to port client portion of
TR069 to a target board with ST7109 processor running on linux2.2
version.Some one in the past have developed a simulator version of
this client code on windows and ran it successfully on pentium pc.
The client code is made of java with Java run time environment JRE1.5
update 6.

   Now we would like to port the same client code working on windows
pentium pc to ST7109 based board with linux 2.2.

Can some one elaborate me the steps needed for making this run linux?
I am new to both linux and Java,so any help will be greatly

Looking farward for your replies and advance thanks for the same,


P.S:I am posting the same query on comp.os.linux.embedded  in order to
attract more inputs.

Re: porting java to linux on embedded platform
maybe this could be a starting point:



http://gcc.gnu.org/java /





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