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Hello everyone,

I am new to this, but I am interested in the possibility of developing a
Linux flavor for some device. Still, I am not quite sure how can the averge
user install an embedded linux distribution on a given device that doesn't
have a hard disk or other pc components, e.g. palmtop, cellphone, dvd
player... Can anyone help?


Re: newbie
Hello Lester,

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Take a look around some of the guides at and

Basically, a embedded image is built on a host PC, which includes the linux
and usually some kind of filesystem, and then it's transferred to the device
network or serial, or programmed directly into the unit's flash (rom).
Some types of flash you can think of similarly to hard drives - with the
filesystem drivers etc, you can just read/write to a mounted parition as usual.

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Re: newbie
If your device is supported by some linux distro, you can read it's docs
for details (since it is always hardware specific). If you want to start
from ground zero, you need to read the docs of the device
firmware/bootloader and build a linux kernel image in the binary format
supported by this firmare/bootloader. Then load and execute this kernel
acording to the firmware documentation... Creating of the flash
partitions can be done afterwards and then deployment is just a matter
of uloading files to your flash partitions...
Get "Building Embedde Linux Systems" by Karim Yaghmour - the book is a
pretty good reading for beginers...

Lester Burnham wrote:
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Best regards,
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Re: newbie
Thanks, I just found the book in the library and skimmed it a little... By
the way, I am creating the device myself so I have no restrictions...


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[OT] Re: newbie

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maybe you (newbie) should learn first how to post and how to search
infos an the web (except in news)

  How am I supposed to post my replies in a newsgroup?:

"newbie" as a subject in newsgroups (that is read by thousends of people
around the world, isn't realy helpfull)

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