Getting started with UNC20 - without Developer's Kit?

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I found the UNC20 ( ) for getting started with ARM7
architecture and uclinux. However the price for a developer's kit,
including one module, base board and adapted uclinux, is about three times
that of just the module alone. So I wonder if I could begin with just
buying a module.

JTAG cable and power supply aren't problematic. Regarding the Ethernet
magnetics I'm currently trying to get some samples for another project
anyway. But for the software... Most of the links I found regarding
uCLinux on ARM7 respond very slow or don't load at all, and I don't know
exactly what has to be done to make it run on the UNC20 (utilizing the
NetSilicon NS7520 ARM+NET). And I don't know if the flash on the UNC20 is
supported by any free JTAG tools (preferably running under Linux).

Maybe you can help me to answer the arising questions:

1. Does the current uCLinux, hopefully that one with 2.4 kernel, run on
the UNC20 with not too many modifications? I see a net driver for the
NS7520 in CVS...

2. Is it possible to program the flash on the UNC20, using only freely
available JTAG tools and a simple JTAG cable (e.g. for parallel port), or
do I need extra information that only Forth Systeme knows? On the pictures
provided on the site I cannot see which flash chip they're

3. Is it possible to debug software on the UNC20, utilizing JTAG? I assume
that once uCLinux is running and can use Ethernet, a GDB server could be
started to debug applications. But the OS and its drivers itself?

Thanks for your comments in advance!


Re: Getting started with UNC20 - without Developer's Kit?
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Have to cancel this question - after I found that Forth Systeme won't sell
me a module if I don't have a developer's kit.

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