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I am new to embedded linux but not new to embedded systems. I have an dev board ( LPC2148 - ARM7TDMI) at hand

I would like to know where to get started to start working with embedde linux? Do I need to know about linux device drivers to proceed ?

Any guidance is appreciated

thanks in advance

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I believe you need an MMU to run Linux, which the LPC2148 does not have. There is a port of uCLinux for the LPC2000 family, I suggest you start by looking this up. However, the LPC2148 only has 32K of RAM so this might be pi**ing into the wind whatever.

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ven2007 escribió:

I always like to read introductory material before getting my hands dirty with something new. If you are like me, I'd begin reading:

Embedded Linux Primer, by Christopher Hallinan.

These sites might also be helpful:

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Ignacio G.T.


Thanks for the recommendations Will get this book and learn some more stuff before plunging into embedde linux.

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