mouse with X11 and linux embedded

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I use linux embedded with X11 , when i power up the system , i launch
"xinit myappl" but i don't know if there is a mouse connected or a
keyboard connected also.
if there are no mouse connected xinit go to an error .
I think that the best is to know if a mouse is connected  before to run
 xnit and change the file Xconfig.

So my question is : how to know if a mouse or a keyboard is connected and
the type of mouse ?

Re: mouse with X11 and linux embedded
Hi Akeu!

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Have a look at "AllowMouseOpenFail" Option and let Mouse and KB
"SendCoreEvent"s and not "CorePointer" "CoreKeyboard"...
This way both are optional...

HTH. Salut, Joerg

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