Linux on Capio II (Geode) ?

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Hi all.

Has anyone run Linux from the Disk-on-Chip on these little beasts?
Bought 11 of them for about $2 apiece. They have 2xUSB, sound, e100
ethernet, 16MB DOC, 64MB 144 pin SODIMM SDRAM.

I have a Rocky 558EV SBC running SuSE 9.0 with DOC socket to transfer OS
images, but even with all DOC support compiled into the SuSE 2.4.21 kernel,
fdisk, dd, mkfs, etc. seem to freeze up when accessing the DOC.

And yes, I'm a newbie at embedded stuff, so it's possible (likely?) that I
overlooked something totally basic and/or obvious.

Comments? Hints? Advice? OS images?


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