Linaro developer summarizes use of assembler in ARM

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Linaro developer summarizes use of assembler in ARM

"Former Debian Project Leader and Linaro developer Steve McIntyre
 has surveyed a large number of Ubuntu and Fedora packages
 as part of a detailed study on the use of assembly code
 in Linux applications.  
 According to McIntyre, some developers "have clearly seen code used
 elsewhere and copied it in" regardless of its actual usefulness
 in the software in question. He says that in many cases
 like this, the code is also buggy, which makes reworking
 it even more of a priority.


And exactly how is this priority code going to get re-written?

ARM does not know how to make header files to describe its
registers and bit fields, unlike say Microchip and their
PIC CPU compilers that has a single header file to describe
each CPU and its registers and bit fields so that
engineers don't have to code the register addresses
and bit field operations making up unique names
for everything in an arm.

Since every fscking ARM engineer would have used his own
register names and bit field names,
who the fsck is going to fix it all?
Obviously it must be Linaro developers who know
nothing about ARM header files?

I don't know why everyone won't down tools and tell ARM to
fscking sort this mess out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, hire two decent open source engineers, and start writing header
files, if necessary copy what Microchip has done if none
of the engineers and management are clueless and don't
know how to do it properly.
There is no magic in this. Only the stupidity of MBAs
running the show I imagine holding everything up.

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