Re: ARM, Freescale and Texas Instruments form Linux Networking Group

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Crabbit Bampot wrote:

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Absolutely futile waste of money for Texas Instruments, Freescale, LSI,
Siemens and anyone else including ARM holdings and their investors.

ARM software headers file designs were made up by thick shiits.

CPUs do not have headers that define registers and bit fields.

So everyone writes crap code using hard coded numbers.

Hooray for non-portable code.

What code you write for one CPU is not valid for another from the same  

Impossible to grep the code to say look for Porta.Bit0
because you might have called it PORT_A.BIT0 and the man in the cubicle
could have called it PORT1.BIT0. Everyone is right and wrong
at the SAME TIME!!! Wow! Thank gwad for dumb shiites who know
how to write shiite header files for ARM chips.

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