Ubuntu ARM hf releases and sources available

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Ubuntu ARM hf releases and sources available


Didn't know ubuntu was happening this way.
What is amazing is that Ubuntu has been releasing
regularly ARM hf (hardware floating point support included OS)
releases for some time now.

The implications are enormous. A lot of ARM devices could use these releases
to port Ubuntu to their devices.

As usual, despite all this effort,
the ONLY thing that is going to hold them back is not having
one header file that describes all the features within an ARM chip.

Not having bit fields and register names being identical between ARM chips
breaks everything and forces the same porting efforts to be endlesslesly

Still, its a big opportunity for someone to bring out an ARM chip
or ARM like SoC chip with one single header file that describes
all registers and bit fields with one header file so that porting
can be a one time big thing, while a second port to a new chip requires
only hours to days to adjust to the new chip and its registers.

With chip technology advancing every 18 months, it would be natural
for companies with this policy to make new gadgets work more quickly
and get to market more quickly and grab all the sales.
And continue their journey to the next chip and to more sales
and continue to win again and again instead of being trapped in a long
phase re-porting from scratch for a new SoC every time.

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