LiLo BOOT argument ???

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I have a system, running on SUSE. It stops with msg ( No prompt ;

 /dev/hda3 was not cleanly unmounted, check forced

The Watchdog timer on the system boots the system after 900 seconds

Unfortunately I don't have any floppy disk or CD-ROM drive with this
box to boot with, no option in bios to boot with network as well.

I am sure by passing certain values to lilo I can get to the rescue

I tried passing (lilo tab is lnx in my case)

Lxn rescue

Lnx single

Lnx emergency

No luck.

Any idea what to pass in argument with lilo??????????

Any help appreciated


Re: LiLo BOOT argument ???
Hi Rushi,
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I'm not sure of what SuSE's 'rescue' abilities are, but you should be able to
the kernel and then a shell by doing this:

Lnx init=/bin/sh

(providing /bin/sh isn't corrupted on /dev/hda3 :)
You'll then have to check the hda3 parition manually and/or turn off the
watchdog so
it can boot and fsck.

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Re: LiLo BOOT argument ???
Damion, thanks

It works, although it was urgent so I took the hard disk out and did
the fsck as secondary.

But next time I will use init=/bin/sh

One more thing;

I am redesigning one of our products to run on embedded Linux, which
is apparently running happily on full version of Linux for 8 years

It has to be very secure, as police and authorities all over the world
use it and I don't want to keep any loophole in my new system.

Any suggestions from any one to build secure embedded Linux system



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watchdog so
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Re: LiLo BOOT argument ??? (Rushi) writes:

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Secure against what?  There are *many* conceivable risks for an
embedded system used for a law enforcement function.

We can't advise you without more information; the correct path will
vary significantly depending on which risks are most important to

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