kernel memory footprint

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sorry if the question is foolish, but how can I measure how much RAM is the
running kernel occupying?



Re: kernel memory footprint

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Not foolish. I've tried for a couple years to get a straight answer from
the kernel developers and continue to fail. Actually - what I want is a
simple table showing:
  - kernel code / loadable module size
  - kernel data size
  - various cache sizes [file, buffer, ...]
  - application resident set size
so I can show our customer (DoD / NASA) that our applications meet spare
memory requirements by analysis [instead of loading a mlock'd memory pig
to consume spare / demonstrate application still runs OK].

You would think that application RSS would be easy to get - but the
number shown for an mlockall'd process does not necessarily match the
total application size [?!].

If you get an answer separately, please let me (and others) know.

Re: kernel memory footprint
On Fri, 28 May 2004 12:53:00 +0200, "Luca Contini"

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You did not specify what hardware you are using, but if everything
else fails, looking through the hardware virtual memory registers and
virtual memory mapping will show which physical memory pages are
accessible only in kernel mode :-).


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