Installing an OS on pc/104 computer

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Hello All,

I recently purchased a PC/104 and I'd like to install an OS on it. Who
wouldn't?  The problem is that I am having trouble connecting my CD-ROM
drive to the PC/104. Is there an easy way to do this.  I have cables
that convert 40pin IDE to 44 pin IDE which the PC/104 uses.  But I'm
having to separately power-on the CD-ROM and the PC/104 because CD-ROM
needs 12V while PC/104 only needs 5V. Has anyone run into similar
problems and has a solution?


Re: Installing an OS on pc/104 computer
Take a old PC power supply, so you can use 5V and 12V. Later you can
look far a suitable power supply.

Bye, Sven

Re: Installing an OS on pc/104 computer
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the pc/104 computers we've been using incude a console port that accesses
a flash based debugger.  If yours also has this feature then you should
be able to prepare a kernel on a PC cross development platform, then
send the generated image to the pc/104 as s-records across the serial
console connection.

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