Reloading OS on Netier thin-client?

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I recently purchased what I thought was a WYSE Winterm WT8440XL, as it
turned out it was actually a pre-merger Netier XL2000.  And while I had
expected Windows NT embedded to come on it (generally what both the Wyse and
Netier boxes came with) this unit actually came with Linux embedded.

I'm only going to be using the box for RDP sessions, but unfortunately it is
completely password protected - I can't get into the setup or even open a
command shell.  I'd love to keep Linux on there, but I think the only way
I'll do that is by reloading the OS.

Does anyone have experience with these boxes?  The OS is stored on a 32MB
M-Systems DiskOnChip 2000 chip (EEPROM?).  The specifications I'm reading
allude to being able to install a hard drive (a possible way to reload the
OS to the flash chip), but the IDE connector is not one I'm familiar with -
it appears to be too small to be either a standard PC connector or a laptop
hard drive connector.

Any help would be much appreciated - I'd rather not just chunk this in the
junk pile!


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