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Anyone know of a cell-phone modem that can be part of an embedded
solution?  Just like a wired modem would?

We would like to put phone capability into our product.

Re: embedded cell phone
I think there is a Sprint cell phone modem that connects via PCMCIA but
I am not sure of its model number.  I know that it has an SDK to work


Re: embedded cell phone

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Check out the g20 modules from Motorola.  They are an embedded
data-capable cell phone solution in a VERY small package (tri-band

Standard disclaimer:  I actually work for Motorola, though not in the
cell phone division.  But I have worked with these things and they are
pretty damn sweet from an embedded interfacing perspective.

John O.

Re: embedded cell phone
Siemens have a range of GSM/GPRS/EDGE modules. See


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