linux on power pc 405

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hi all,

      any one of u can suggest me a simple linux kernel that can run in
powerpc 405. how to compile the kernel for this processor.

M.E micro electronics,
IISc, Bangalore.560012

Re: linux on power pc 405
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Support for the 405 is included in the standard distributions.  If you're
not familiar with compiling a kernel, you'd save a lot of time and work by
getting a development board with a tool chain already put together for you.


Re: linux on power pc 405
An easy way to build the kernel and the rootfilesystem is using ELinOS
from The basic toolbox is around 300 80%. One can set
the kernel features with a graphical interface and also the contents of
the rootfilesystem. If you are lucky, your development board is already
supported, but you should ask them before.

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