How to begin with Linux on SH?

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Dear all,

Although I have good experience in hardware and C programming I feel a
little confused with running embedded Linux on my systems. I have built
my own system based on SH7727 from Renesas and I'd like it to work with
Linux. This is my "first time" so please have understanding for me. The
questions are:

1.Is there out a good cookbook on how to implement embedded linux on SH
processors? I really do need any kind of information. All I have is a
similar project description from Atmel (including schematics,
toolchains, binaries etc) but it is based on Atmel's ARM.
2.My SH7727 is equipped with LCD controller. If I succesfully boot linux
on it what is the way to make use of the LCD controller? Do I need a
kind of driver? Where should I look for examples of source code?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Re: How to begin with Linux on SH?

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there is linux-sh mailing list.
The lcd is the last problem you have since any serial port/network connection
may help you out.
The first think is to get handy with you crosscompile environment. check autoconf
because you can automaticly prepare your system for sh and other systems you may
use now or later.
then start worring about a lcd driver.

hope thats helps

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