Linux embedded on SuperH

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Hi all,

I've got the HiCO.SH3 development kit by which hosts a
Linux Embedded O.S. The microcontroller that's on the board is a
SH3-DSP family more precisely a SH7727 by Renesas which has CPU core,
DSP core, MMU, USB etc.

The fact that there is an operating system running on top of everything
I cannot access Timer, A/D directly. I want to find a way where I can
access all the registers without compromising the OS's integrity.

I need to make an aquisition of a signal through the A/D converter at
7.2kHz and make some digital elaboration with it.

Can someone address me a link or explain how the whole system works?

Best regards,

Ivan Wagner.

Re: Linux embedded on SuperH
No one able to help me out?

Ivan Wagner wrote:
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Re: Linux embedded on SuperH

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It seems not.
Maybe you can have a look at coLinux, which is a port of the kernel on top
of Windows NT.
But I think they implemented it as a service which may not be appropriate
for your purpose.

Maybe you have to emulate some devices, or use the operating system to
access parts of the hardware.

I have to admit that I don't know what you really want to do... or how the
board works.

Hope this helps,

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