How NDA'd SoCs kill China factories

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How NDA'd SoCs kill China factories

So you were dumb enough to sign up to an NDA'd chip because that
was how you were told it could be done and then your  
factory got some technology and started producing gadgets
like all these factories did:

And so you realize your product looks like everybody else's
and you decide to go one up and make your own customized
device with a few more bells and whistles.

The first thing you would do is ask for support from the chip
factory. But you are not going to get any because the support is strictly
narrowed to the product your factory has been equipped to make.
Thats because everything is NDA'd and the chip factory
cannot allow their engineers to go on line and start
asking for help to port LCDs and other types of added
gadgetry to the chip because they would violate the NDA
describing what is in the chip.

So then you think you are the factory and you got the
datasheets, and you can go online and ask for support.

No fat chance at all!!

You signed the NDA and it would be illegal for you to describe
the chips and pins to get help.

So in the end your factory collapses because you are unable
to add bells and whistles to your product and differentiate
your product from the rest of the crowd.

Looking at all the gadgets at,
it is easy to surmise for example
that some of those boxes could do with SATA ports, or sport  
a built in colour LCD, or have an LCD controller etc.
But they can't happen because there is no information about the
pins on the chip for SATA, custom LCDs and other
GPIO pins, or the registers used in the kernel headers or any
other information useful for extending the product because they
got to get that information from the NDA holders of that
information further up the chain. There is no free flow of
information as your factory goes down the drain.

Signing up for SoCs with NDAs kill all future prospects for products.
As far as possible, don't sign NDAs. Go sponsor chips and fabless
companies that can work without need for NDAs.

Re: Moronic opinion of How NDA'd SoCs kill China factories
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Yeah moron - those slave labor factories in China is sooo very afraid of  
violating some weak little NDA agreement.  That's gotta be what's holding  
them back -

Re: Moronic opinion of How NDA'd SoCs kill China factories

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I wonder if Gortard and the rest of the "advocates" who believe the
little fraud have received their "nano bot kits" yet? They'll probably
be in the same package as the "see through clothes glasses" and the
"under sea world" sponge tablets so popular in kids comics years back...

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