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I would like to use the SB16 FM-synthesizer to play some MIDI-Tones with
/dev/music (currently I'm using /dev/dsp to output wav's, but I need
/dev/dsp for recording).

Does anybody know if the Geode GX1 (which soundcard is SB16 compatible)
supports the MIDI-FM-synthesizer?

In my kernel config I marked:
[*] Sound card support
[*] OSS sound modules
 [*] 100% Sound Blaster compatibles (SB16 etc)
 [*] Yamaha FM synthesizer (YM3812/OPL-3) support

Lilo contains:
append="sb=0x220,5,1,5 opl3=0x388"

Trying it without Yamaha FM synth I'm unable to open a MIDI-device.

After adding the Yamaha FM synth I can open the device, can retrieve the
number of synth-devices (==1) and can play a note (but I don't hear
something :-(

Does anybody have an advice?

Best regards,

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