I would like to correct a few things

It was Stacey Chuffo that ordered a pizza from Domino's Pizza and when she went to pick it up an Iraqi was working there and she asked him if he was an Iraqi and when he said yes Stacey said, "Fuck You Asshole, I don't Want this Pizza."

It was Stacey Chuffo that threw her boombox at Stephany Alexander and Stephany Alexander caught it and broke it in half against the desk and threw it aside and Stephany punched Stacey and Stacey was the one that was holding her head and crying.

It was Stacey Chuffo that ordered a chicken melt at Denny's and didn't pay for it and Stacey was chased by the waitress at Denny's all the way to the trolley station.

Stacey Chuffo is the tax cheat and embezzler that tried to shank her mother. Stacey Chuffo also broke into somebody's apartment and took a couple of hundred dollars out of their purse.

Stacey Chuffo is the one that knocked a cat dizzy and lit a firecracker up it's ass.

Stacey Chuffo never does her work in class so the teacher had enough and set Stacey in front of a table in the hallway and shoved a Disney Poppin' Pals toy with Goofy in her face and made her stare at it for the rest of the day.

Stacey Chuffo stole her mother's car to go to Scott Muller's house and it was Stacey's mom that pulled her out of Scott Muller's house and beat the shit out of her in front of her friends.

Stacey Chuffo pried off a beak with a screwdriver and pushed a paper clip through it's head and tied the two ends together.

Stacey Chuffo fingers herself in the back of school buses every day, even though she graduated 10 years ago.

Of Course Stacey Chuffo is going to short circuit a HOT transistor and if course she isn't going to get electrocuted when she touches the high voltage line because the flyback transformer is driven by the HOT transistor.

Stacey Chuffo is the one that sqaundered her mother's house and duplex apartment and her significant other's inheritance so she can get stoned.

Stacey Chuffo went to Christina Mailland's house and knocked on the door and Christina gave her a gallon of nitromethane so Stacey could torch a beagle.

Stacey Chuffo has been breaking into people's houses for years and busting up their stereos and taking a shit between the speakers and finishing their dump in the victim's chairs.

Stacey Chuffo bet June Butterfield and Glenn Wright on a hamster fight. Of Course June and Glenn's hamster won so Stacey put her's in the crapper and shit on it and flushed it down the crapper.

Stacey Chuffo called herself collect from a payfone and when the operator told her not to play on the fone she told the operator to suck her dildo and the operator reported her to the police.

Stacey Chuffo is famous for getting calls from her mother and throwing math books and punching walls and crying I want to go to f****ng p.e.

Stacey Chuffo calls the employees at Jack in the Box a bunch of "f****ng beaners" on a weekly basis when they f*ck up her order.

Stacey Chuffo knows better than to talk shit to Scott Rubin, otherwise Scott Rubin will beat her down with a pair of sneakers.

Stacey Chuffo lives in her van and got busted by the police for having a knife on her. She's also the one that told her mom to tell dad to sell some weed to bail her out of jail after she lost a fight with fifty people.

Tom Adams swung his backpack and hit Stacey and Stacey went crying to the teacher. Tom also told Stacey that he farted and it would go great with her pee for dinner.

If I recall correctly, it was Grant Clark that punched Stacey Chuffo and Stacey Chuffo tried reporting him to the bus driver but Grant Clark chased Stacey down the street and beat her down.

Stacey Chuffo decapitates a cat with a lawn mower ever chance she gets.

I believe that it was Kim Shultz that threw Stacey Chuffo down on the ground and threatened to shove a f****ng pipe down her throat and Kim Shultz and Stacey Chuffo kicked each other and called each other motherfuckers.

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