Would like to learn about electronics via home study

Hello I hope I have the correct group I would like to know if anyone has had experience with any home-study electronics courses I am not near any community colleges and am housebound at the moment and will be for some time due to illness but would like to learn electronics as I used to work--many years ago--as a test tech but my actual knowledge of the full spectrum of electronics is lacking

I have looked into CIE but it seems a high cost altenative when I can buy or have most of the basic equipment needed to put circuits together

Any recommendations or anyone with an unused set of course books they could let go for a reasonable price

Oh, if anyone knows of any accreditated home study courses I would appreciate the info as well Thanks a lot


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The CIE courses are pretty good. About the only thing better is a good quality community college (not ITT). The Art of electronics is not a good learning tool for basic electronics. It is more a supplement for those with or getting a good foundation (BSEE) in electronics.

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Not quite what you're looking for (not a course offering) but one option is to buy a copy of "The Art of Electronics" (ISBN: 0521370957) along with the student manual (ISBN: 0521377099). They ain't cheap but, if you're a self-study type, well worth the cost.

Rich Webb   Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb

What's your objection to ITT?

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