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I have an Intel IXP425 eval board (Richfield). I also have a copy of
snapgear's tools and linux distro.

I am trying to build a system where I can run gdbserver on the eval
board and connect using gdb running on Fedora Core 3 on my pc.

I am running into issues with either not being able to build
the gdbserver into the system (I used the make xconfig provided
by the snapgear distro) or if I manage to build something, I am not able
to communicate with it.

Does anyone have any information on how to build the gdbserver in the
snapgear distro and have it work with the latest version of gdb (6.3).

I don't care about having to use the latest version of gdb, I really
want a stable version to use to debug application remotely.

Thanks in advance.

Re: gdb & gdbserver
Hi Anthony,

Unfortunately, the version of gdbserver in the current snapgear distro
is very old, and has been heavily modified to only work on m68k architectures.

I have just imported a new version of the entire gdb suite into our
current source, which will be available as snapgear linux v3.3.

Hopefully this will be publically available in a few weeks.
If you can't wait this long, then you can try and import gdb 6.3 yourself,
or I can probably give you a tarred archive of the new directory.


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