avnet ppc440GX eval board

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I have an avnet 440GX eval board with U-boot 1.02 burned in as the ROM
monitor. I am trying to boot a linux kernel. When I do a bootm, after
the bootp to load the kernel it appears as though the kernel has hung

Uncompressing Linux kernel .... OK

Then nothing, I don't believe it is a baud rate setting because when I
run tcpdump on the NFS & DHCP server I have hooked to the board, I
never see any ethernet traffic from the board, therefore I believe
something is wrong.

There could be many things I suppose, but I have a BDI-2000 I am trying
to configure to debug the problem but I am having trouble with the .cfg
file, does anyone have a predefined .cfg for this board? Has anyone
successfully booted linux on this board?

Any suggestions? BTW I am using a 2.6.9 kernel from TimeSys.

Re: avnet ppc440GX eval board

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I don't know this board, but if you see uncompressing kernel, it means that
you are starting the kernel fine. Start with putting a small text inside
the /etc/inittab file. If you don't see it your kernel is not suited for
this board and you should build a new one yourself (which is advisable
anyway). Move step by step through all the scripts. That's how I debug
embedded linux kernels on new boards.

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