U-Boot on MPC860.....

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Hello there,

I try to recompile the U-boot v 0.3.0 for my TQ 860 board
For this, I did download the complet "tar.bz2"  file

My redhat v90, being not configured for the use of the tool on MPC8xx, I
downloaded the ELDK from DENX, more precisely all the SPRMS of the MPC8xx
and tried to install the RPM packages....

 ... by installing : gcc-ppc_8xx-2.95.4-4j_2.ppc.rpm
then, a dialogue box came up and display the packages needed !
... is looking for :
binutils-ppc_8xx >=

but in the same folder than  gcc-ppc_8xx-2.95.4-4j_2.ppc.rpm, I can see :
cpp-ppc_8xx-2.95.4-4j_2.ppc.rpm    and

- Does somebody knows what is the problem ?
I can't see why I am already stopped in the process ! :-)

Thanks for your help


Re: U-Boot on MPC860.....

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Why are you using such old code? I strongly recommend to use  a  more
recent version (i. e. 1.0.2).

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This is not the correct way to  install  the  ELDK.  Please  see  the
detailed instructions at http://www.denx.de/ELDK.html

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You cannot do it like that. Please RTFM!

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Yes. You did not follow the instructions.


Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

Software Engineering:  Embedded and Realtime Systems,  Embedded Linux
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