Need clues :) Linux embedded board for audio processing

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i'm a total newbie to the world of embedded linux, so please forgive my
ignorance. Any pointers to information are greatly appreciated.

What i want to do is to implement my own small multi-effects box. So here's
what i think i need:

- Linux OS.. Can be MMU-less i suppose. I will only run a single program do
do the audio processing

- FPU so i can reuse LADSPA plugins. I only need to be able to use the code
from these. I don't need to be able to e.g. dynamically load them. Linking
the plugin code in statically is sufficient

- Processing power in the 200 mhz pentium mmx range, as from my memory [from
my olde cubase vst days] this was plenty to drive some select few audio

- A way to attach a [2-line or so] character display of some sort

- A way to attach switches and expression pedals (which are basically
potentiometers afaik), so i guess it needs some ADs for these

- Relatively hassle-free compiler tool chain, so i can concentrate on
implementing my software and not fiddle with GCC

- A way to attach an audio interface, preferable 48 khz and 16 bit, stereo.
Having an ALSA driver available for it would be awesome..

- RAM :) i don't  know how much is required to run linux and the required
application smoothly.....

I'm pretty clueless as to what classes of embedded boards might fit these
requirements and what options there are..

If you have any tips, links to information, etc, please bring them on :)

Thanks and regards,

Palimm Palimm!

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