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I am newbie in VHDL. I want to create a library with several pkg on it so when I am creating a new library; I could add it to my new project and then use the pakage.

What I am doing now is as follow:

Every time that I create a new project, I am creating a new library in its library view and then add all of my packages source code to it.

The main problem in this technique is that I need to create the library every time that I create a new project. Is there any way that I can create a library that it is included automatically to all newly generated projects?

One solution is to create a library in one project and then tell its path to other projects, but how can I do this?

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I keep hdl source files and all the synthesis projects that use those files in separate directories. That way, multiple projects can pick up exactly the same source. Synthesis spews lots of files during compilation that I don't want those mucking up the source directories.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

I would use a source-code control system like Subversion. The "libraries" are kept in the repository as their own "project." Then you attach an externals property to your project's source directory and have that externals point to the libraries. So every time you check out a project you also grab the libraries.

Works for me. Note that source files are always in a separate directory from the fitter stuff. Never "copy" source files to the "project directory," as that's a recipe for disaster.

Note that I don't use any of what Xilinx calls their revision-control stuff. All of the subversion stuff is done either through the command line or with TortoiseSVN.


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Andy Peters

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