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Hi, There are 2 disks(disk1, disk2), 2 processors(both p4) on my board. The communication between the two processors is via the PCI bridge.

Processor 1 is running psos that has disk1. Processor 2 disk is empty(new one. Not formatted, not partitioned). I want to make the processor 2 boot with linux. I have an idea of keeling one image(bootable image) in disk1. When the BIOS of processor 2 completes, it finds that there is nothing in the disk2. So it asks for the processor1 to give the bootable image. Now the bios will execute the bootable image which will partition(only one in this case) the disk, create a file system on it, install the boot loader on the disk and then resets itself to comeup with the installed image.

Is this a good approach? If so, how can i create a bootable image? what risks that can be foreseen?

Thanks Uday

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Uday Mullangi
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