creating bootable solid state disks

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What is the simplest way to build a bootable system onto a
newly formatted solid state disk on a different device than
the one the system was booted from?
Say I have just built my kernel under a plain RedHat distro
on /dev/hda and want to make a bootable Disk On Module temporarily
connected on any different atapi port (say /dev/hdc).
The destination disk was already partitioned and formatted and
basic system files and directories were also copied.
Once created the disk will be moved and booted again as the
first primary (hda).
I've tried multiple times different lilo configurations,
but never managed to boot the destination disk. The Linux
From Scratch manual didn't help much.

Any info will be appreciated. Tankyou.

Re: creating bootable solid state disks
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The problem with LILO is that it does not really distinguish
between install-time and boot-time device. You may have better
luck with GRUB ( /) or ROLO
( )


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Re: creating bootable solid state disks

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Check out the LILO mini howto.  You can get it from

Re: creating bootable solid state disks
When you run lilo, it will write the BIOS device number into the boot
(In your case it would write 0x82 for hdc).
There is a  mapping command in lilo that allow you to remap hdc=0x80
Include this at the beginning of lilo.conf

That way lilo will write 0x80 (which is what you want since you want to boot
it up as the primary IDE master).

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