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Hi all ... couple of questions....

We're getting closer and closer to having to actually pick a board /
mfg. and I'm just not 100% happy with my pick right now.

At the moment, what we need is the following:

- Serial port to attach a modem
- GPIO lines for a keypad
- GPIO lines for a character LCD
- Serial port for a printer
- Serial port for a data-logger
- 64MB or 128MB of NAND flash memory (OS and User Data)
- 32MB or 64MB of RAM
- USB port for plugging in a "keychain" storage device
- Ethernet port (10 or 10/100)
- Generic power requirements (integrated UPS is a NICE feature)
- Should support a custom linux distro, and have a Java JVM available
- Processor speed not really important, but should probably be at
least as fast as a 200Mhz ARM.

I've currently settled on the ARMCORE and ARMBASE from CompuLab, but
don't know if that's really the route I want to go.  It seems a bit
over-kill.  However, I can get the above configuration for $162 in
qty. of 1000, and a development board for under $1600.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?  Formfactor is not extremely
important -- although finding a case with space for a LCD and a keypad
to stick in seems to be a bit entertaining.

Also -- we've been having a debate as to whether or not writing to a
4x40 LCD is "easier" with a serial port vs. GPIO lines. If it IS
easier, is it more cost-effective to not have to purchase a serial LCD
/ extra serial port header?

Thanks so much.


Re: SBC Vendors
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Faced with similar needs I have chosen the same board.

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It is "easier" to write to a serial LCD because you don't have to
bit-bang it. It is going to be significantly more cost-effective for
you to hang a regular LCD off GPIOs, though.

Re: SBC Vendors
Anthony Presley wrote on 26.01.2004 00:07 MET:
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How about the following board? /

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock

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