linux/ELKS on hp 200lx

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I am able to aquire an hp 200lx and would like to run linux on it.  I
have googled the subject and found some mention of MINIX on the 200lx.
Many of the pages desribed indepth hardware hacks that I would rather
stay away from.  I have also perused the ELKS page.  My question is:
Can anyone give me advice on how to run linux on a 200lx. My prefered
method would perhaps use loadlin.exe or simular to start linux from
dos, or if it is at all possible set autoexec.bat and sysconfig.sys
to point to the linux kernel.

Thanks in advance

Re: linux/ELKS on hp 200lx
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Essentially the answer to this is that you can't. The 200LX has an
80186 CPU. Normal Linux requires an MMU, and the lowest x86 CPU that
includes an MMU is the i386.

If you want Linux in your pocket, by far the best route is to get a
Linux PDA, e.g. either a Sharp Zaurus (preloaded with Linux by Sharp)
or reflash a Compaq iPaq with ARM-Linux.

Re: linux/ELKS on hp 200lx
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ELKS is a special distribution for the 8086/80186.

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Thanks for these other options.  I am still inclined towards the 200lx
because it is a palmtop computer rather than a PDA.


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