Rugged small form factor PCs

I am considering PC-104s for my project. I can increase space/power however, to obtain higher processing speed with larger form factor boards. EBX sounds good, but I heard that it is not as rugged as PC-104. My application will be in rough conditions subject to G-forces.

Is there a product that has a standard, stackable PC board in a rugged, compact form supporting the latest Pentium processors? The companies that I have come across make fancy expensive enclosed units with LCD screens, carrying handles, or other things that we would not need.


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Search for "embedded PC" in Google.

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This search, along with my previous searches, results in a lot of boards with max speed of 1Ghz. Are there any rugged compact boards with modern processor speeds such as 3Ghz?

I am looking for the following,

- compact board size

- rugged circuit design

- shock isolation enclosure

- for industrial applications

- 100 ethernet

- fast 3Ghz or multi-processor

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I'm curious, why do you need a 3GHz processor?

Applications other than the desktop/server market tend to lag well behind those markets. MiniITX and similar small-form factors would give you a compact size with a recent chipset that would support the latest processors, but without the designed-in ruggedness. You could always make an enclosure, at the expense of size.


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