PC/104 Project

Guys, I am in a development stage of a new project and would like to know if these boards can work altogether and if you have any comment regarding this:

My project is based on PC/104 factory form, which will use ( among with other not PC104 cards I am building )

- TS7200 ( from Embedded Arm )

- TSADC-16 ( idem )

- 104-QUAD-4 ( by Access I/O

- PSMU1K-5A-UPS ( by Advanced Micro Peripherals Ltd )

I am thinking to use Linux as SO. This module ( the one I am developing ) will need connectivity with an application in a PC which will run Windows XP. Not sure how difficult the integration could be...

Do you have any comment regarding the use of different suppliers in the same stack?



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The whole point of an open architecture is being able to use components from different suppliers.

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This is where you start earning your pay.

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Tim Wescott

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