QuickRoute Electronic Design Studio 2 - Need New Company Address


While working abroad, I purchased 4 years ago the latest update of Electronic Design Studio 2 from the UK based company Quickroute Systems.

I never used this software and 2 weeks ago, I loaded it in y computer for a project but could not because the software request a floppy to unlock the system. I still have the dongle but I have misplaced this floppy in the move.

I contacted the compagny with copy of my invoice but no reply and it look like impossible to connect the the web site.

Does anybody know how took over this organisation and how to get this system working or I losse more than 300 British Pound in that stupid type of protection. I am a true customer who have pay the normal price to acquire this product legally.

Thanks for your help and Best Regards.

Patrick. F-91620 La Ville du Bois.

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