I want an audio encoding chip ,

I request an audio compression chip, the data after compressed would be transported through net wire, and the data should could be decoded in PC and played in PC, I could not find a kind of chip, can you help me? thanks

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What type of compression? Lossy? Lossless? Fixed rate?

What is the available bandwidth of the wire?

What is the input? Audio? PCM? Some other digitally encoded representation of the signal?

What audio bandwidth do you intend to use?

These questions need answering before we could give any substantive help. Note these are only the starter questions. Get past these and then there will be others, but at least give a clue as to the overall system requirements.



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thanks very much, I am a beginner of audio compression,.

the input is audio,

about type of compression the only requirement is that the data after compression can be decoded in PC and played in PC through the software such as realplay,winamp without and external hardware

the bandwidth of wire is 10M,

the audio bandwidth is 20hz to 20k

I introduce the project including this job: a portable station in which a radio receiver which is used for supervise wireless signal is allocated, the station may be located in desert, and the control station is in my office, i request to hear the radio receiver sound through the PC in my office, office and desert is connected throug net wire, and there are other information transffered through the wire, so i need the sound signal be compressed firstly and then transferred, and played in PC


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