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Looking for some data encryption/implemenation suggestions:  

I have embedded linux boxes in the field that I would like to have the
user be able to retrieve data from, in an encrypted and compressed
form, and then have them send me the data on a cf card through the
mail at which point I would decrypt/decompress the data and do some
analysis.  I've thinking of using the zip compression but the security
looks kind of weak?

Any ideas?


Re: Data encryption
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There are about 8000 different ways of getting this done (not exact
number ;) ) - A few things;

You say using zip compression, but then mention security -- I'm confused
What version of gzip/libgzip are you using? It has a encryption feature?

Do you want symetrical or asymetrical encryption? Symeterical -- where
there is the same key that encrypts / decrypts is fairly straight
forward, there are hundreds of tools; like ccrypt comes to mind.

(2a) Alternatively, just format the CF media with something like cfs
(never tried it, but should work). That way its automatically encrypted

(2b) If you want asymetrical encryption, there is really only one game
in town; gnupgp


Re: Data encryption
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The zip encryption is horribly weak.

Gnugpg is a good sugggestion.

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